black-header Developing the psyche to value darkness and light 

Solntsevo ‘Feel Supported is a therapeutic practice that supports individuals to realise and fulfil their potential.’..

By drawing upon integrative psychological approaches, Feel Supported practitioners facilitate a space for individuals to develop a conscious connection to intrinsic resources. These intrinsic resources enable individuals to cope, relate and value emotional and psychological issues that may have caused them neurotic disturbances. ‘We all have an innate drive to develop, evolve and heal, and it can be helpful to have a specialist support you on that journey’… 

Developing the psyche (mind, body and soul) to value the darkness and light is a spiritual statement influenced by the training at the College of Counselling & Psychotherapy Education (CCPE). The primary school of thought at CCPE looks at developing and engaging in qualities that lie in the depths of the human condition, which may have been disconnected due to life experiences.  

Through working with our practitioners, a person will come to realise the bridges that will enable them to meet the needs of their potential and spiritual fulfilment. Therapeutic process 

Feel Supported works with a unique psychological model called ‘The Bubbles of Separation’. This model looks at parts of the psyche that have been alienated or disconnected. Practitioners work with clients to reconnect to these alienated parts and support integration. 

Building trust 

Being hurt can cause distrust in others and also in yourself. We aim to rebuild that trust by supporting safe emotional risk-taking at an agreed pace. 


By working with a valuing approach, we aim to initiate confidence building. 

Psycho education     

We are not big fans of jargon and psycho-babble. We aim to facilitate clear communication and support our clients to develop healthy means of interaction.