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Helping You To Find Piece Of Mind

ginseng kianpi pil buy 7 reasons to seek therapy 

  1. I don’t like myself and feel unloveable. 

  2. I feel threatened by people and the world around me. 

  3. I ‘should’ be happy and I am not. 

  4. I feel lost and life seems meaningless and empty. 

  5. I struggle to get out of bed in the morning. 

  6. I feel overwhelmed because life and work are too stressful. 

  7. I carry wounds from the past and the future frightens me. 


Seeking professional help can transform your life experience. At Feel Supported we facilitate a transformation approach that initiates change, growth and healing.



Three reasons to use Feel Supported counselling service

We work in a creative way to support self development.

We aim to encourage an intrinsic self valuing. Best explained; life is an canvas with you being the illustrated masterpiece.

We have 10 years of solid experience behind us.

We support our clients to understand their inner world and give helpful interventions to initiate a conscious connection.

We practice in a safe and secure environment.

Therapist are accredited by UKCP and work in line with the ethical code of practice. These regulating codes of practice ensures that clients and therapist are kept safe.